What can we offer you?

Our Services

We offer a full range of dental treatment. Our routine NHS and private dental services cover all aspects of dentistry with greater emphasis on preventative dentistry where we will give you advice on oral hygiene and dietary advice so we can work together to look after your gums and teeth. Some examples can be seen below….


General Dentistry

We cannot emphasise enough on the need to maintain regular dental check-ups to help you retain your natural teeth for life.  At Bridge Dental Care, we adopt a preventative approach to ensure that tooth decay is avoided.

Stain removal and clean teeth

Hygiene Services

Our hygienist team will provide you detailed oral hygiene instructions to help you look after your teeth and your gums, in addition to providing a comprehensive clean and stain removal. See our Hygienist policy below..


Aesthetic Dentistry

In addition to general dental services, we can also improve the appearance of your teeth to keep your smile healthy and looking great. We offer treatments such as Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Implants and also Facial Aesthetics to complement your oral health and personal requests.

Best Solution

Dental Bridges & Crowns

Over time, teeth wear and break down. They may also need to have their colour and shape changed. Bridge Dental Care work with the finest Dental Technicians offering the highest quality. We are here to advise, protect and perfect your teeth and smile.


Dental Implants

Improve your quality of life

Improve your quality of life. If you have been unfortunate enough to have missing teeth we would like to help you. Dental Implants are an effective and the most advanced treatment option for the replacement of missing teeth. With dental implants you can smile, talk and eat with more comfort and increase your self confidence.

Line them all up

Orthodontics – Straight teeth, less time, clear braces!

We offer an advance Orthodontic system that provides a fast and economical way for adults to begin smiling with confidence.

Endodontic Treatment

Painful Fixes – Root Canal Therapy

Bridge Dental Care is fortunate to have Dr Pavan Kumar who has a special interest in Endodontics. Root canal treatment may be carried out as an alternative to dental extraction on a tooth in which the nerve has been injured or has died. This treatment is carried out because the offending canal is infected or the pulp severely inflamed. The aim of root canal treatment is to eliminate bacteria from, and prevent their further entry to the root canal system.

Bright White Smile!

Teeth Whitening

This is an excellent way of improving your smile with minimal preparation of the teeth. Following an initial assessment to ensure suitability, you are provided with a kit to take home. This will include the bleaching gel and a soft plastic tray which is filled with the gel. The tray is worn on the teeth at night and you will see the difference in 7-10 days

Your visit with us..

Our Process

Your Dental treatment with us

What we do…

We will carry out your dental examination at your first visit. We can assess, advise, diagnose, and take any necessary x-rays then discuss your options with you in comfort.  We will explain fully and recommend dental treatment if required and provide you with a written estimate of treatment costs involved. See below for our prices..

New Patients:

Come and visit us….

We welcome any new patients who wish to register with us either on the NHS or Privately for the whole family. Please note that we offer free NHS Treatment for Children under 18 and patients who are exempt from paying.  All other Adults would be seen on an NHS contract basis and/or Privately if so requested. Contact us for further information.

Professional Dentistry

Experienced Clinicians

Bridge Dental Care have a comprehensive team of experienced clinicians who will advise and offer you the best dental care available to you.

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