Regular visits to the hygienist helps prevent periodontal (gum) disease, bleeding gums and dental decay. Your hygienist will also provide dietary advice and the most effective ways of preventing dental decay.

Dental hygienists meticulously clean patients’ teeth and are specially trained to provide deep and highly effective removal of plaque. This is an essential part of protecting your oral health and ensuring you have strong teeth for life.


Preventive advice – Day to day care of your gums and teeth
Teeth cleaning and polishing
Stain removal
Teeth whitening
Reduce bad breath

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Hygiene Clean & Polish


This is a 30 minute scale and polish where our friendly Hygienist will remove build up of plaque and or tartar with a water scaler and also hand instruments. They will also give oral health advice on your home care and advice on the best products for you to use. The Hygienist will polish your teeth with prophy paste to give you that lovely finished clean feeling. This session will improve your oral health and decrease the risk of gum disease.

Air-flow polishing


Do you have a special occasion to attend, or have an important meeting where everyone will be looking at you?  Then come and have a ‘Diamond Air-flow Polish’. This involves a full clean, plus stain removal with our gentle air flow that removes staining efficiently, giving you that perfect clean smile to be proud of.

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